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What Would Your "Ideal" Disinfectant Do?

06 August 2021

Broad-spectrum Effectiveness

Find a disinfectant that promises to kill the largest number and widest variety of microbial pathogens possible. This will prevent you from filling your cabinets with rows of bottles because you will be able to rely on one product. It makes sense to not have to "Rotate" disinfectants, just because one product kills one germ and another kills a completely different threat. Check to see that the product kills germs quickly and that research backs its claims.

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New And Emerging Agricultural Crop Destroying Pathogens And The Need For A New Cure

22 October 2021

For farmers in Canada, new and emerging agricultural pathogens threaten to destroy bountiful and essential crops. Finding a cure is not easy and the impact without one has the potential to be devastating. In greenhouses, the effects of these pathogens may be even more devastating. This is an enclosed environment, where everything can be affected by many things, or one thing.

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