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RJ Chemicals

Safety, Efficacy, & Service

Hospitals and long term care facilities serve and protect some of our most vulnerable and valuable citizens. There is an incredible range of pathogens they must battle. General (Norovirus , E.coli, Coliforms), food preparation (Listeria, Salmonella), medical facilities (MRSA, C.difficile), and environmental factors (Legionella, Mold).. They are also challenged by organic soils, odours, and stains. RJ Chemicals targets all of these issues.

 Use "The Right Stuff" to clean and sanitize your hospital, Nursing home, University, College, or Sports Facility!

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RJ Chemicals' Ultra-lyte, is a spray-on, no-rinse, non-bleaching, contact safe, DIN certified sanitizer/disinfectant, that has been clinically proven to destroy a wide variety of pathogens that adversely affect the nursing/hospital industry. The product is approved for sale by Health Canada, and kills Feline Calcivirus, and is likely to kill Sars-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID 19.

All without the human contact risks of bleach or quats.

No safety equipment is required to apply it, and it can be sprayed without moving residents, students, or atheletes.

We cover ALL products, in ALL areas of the Health Care Industry

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