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RJ Chemicals

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What Would Your "Ideal" Disinfectant Do?

The ideal disinfectant must have certain characteristics, including the following:

Broad-spectrum Effectiveness

Find a disinfectant that promises to kill the largest number and widest variety of microbial pathogens possible. This will prevent you from filling your cabinets with rows of bottles because you will be able to rely on one product. It makes sense to not have to "Rotate" disinfectants, just because one product kills one germ and another kills a completely different threat. Check to see that the product kills germs quickly and that research backs its claims.


No product should negatively affect you, your family or your pets. This is especially important for those with allergies or asthma, so make sure the disinfectant you select is safe for both people and animals. Products that offer longer "Residual" effects or that claim to work long after you are gone sound good, but that residual is also what will get on you and your family. So ask yourself, would I want this on or in my family? The ideal sanitizer should work and then break down to a safe by-product or water.

Environmentally Friendly

Some disinfectants will go down drains of sinks, toilets and tubs, so take a look at the formula to see whether or not it’s environmentally safe. You need to know that the product is safe once it’s released into the environment, and it’s important that you take this matter seriously because it affects everyone. Some products claim to be environmentally safe even though they aren’t, so read the labels carefully to determine if they actually keep their promise. And a word of caution, some "newer" disinfectants actually contain toxic materials, but they are at levels below what is considered dangerous. The question should be, "what happens when this accumulates?"

Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfecting are two separate processes. So-called cleaners/sanitizers are NEVER good cleaners or good sanitizers. Always make sure that the cleaner is rinsed or wiped from the surface prior to disinfecting. And if the surface is a light duty cleaning job, then using an effective disinfectant that leaves no residual is a good one-step option.

Active and Stable

Most disinfectants are stable for at least one year in the bottle. However, the activity of disinfecting products is always in question. Wipes tend to lose effectiveness as they dry. Some products do not make a visible reaction with surfaces. The ideal disinfectant is easily testable with something like simple chlorine test strips.

Pleasant Odours and No Damage

Your disinfectant must kill germs but should not strip the colour from your counters in the process, nor should it corrode your faucets. The product you choose should not cause any damage and must be compatible with the surfaces you regularly clean. You should also check for unpleasant odours before you make a purchase because if a disinfectant smells bad, you won’t want to bring that smell home. As well, if the product has a flowery or sweet smell, then it is either a type of disinfectant that is toxic to aquatic life, is based on organic oils, or has had a fragrance added. All of these are dangerous in their own way. A slight "Chlorous" or "Sea Breeze" aroma is ideal, and indicates a product that is not going to irritate skin, eyes, or lungs.


Killing unwanted germs is something you will have to do on a regular basis, so you need to buy products that are affordable because disinfectants should be part of your regular cleaning regimen. Look at different options to find the best product that checks most, if not ALL of the boxes for safety, effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and research history. The strongest product is not necessarily the best. Sometimes products can be on the harsh side, and this is misinterpreted as better, but when safety, environmental impact and effect on property are taken into account, these products cause more harm than good. Some products claim the most effective formula, but the word "Formula" should be a RED FLAG! This means that the product has several blended chemicals in it and relies on the combination of chemicals to work. As far as we know, there is only 1 product on the market that is 100% generated (not blended or balanced) and is identical to the body's defence system for white blood cells. Ask RJ Chemicals about this. This, along with a fair price, will suit your budget.


With the onset of Covid, unfortunately, we now all know what these letters stand for. ALL chemically "formulated" disinfectants require PPE to handle and use. The ideal disinfectant should not have this condition attached to it. RJ Chemicals has the disinfectant that meets this requirement.


Look for products that are straightforward, make sure the labels have a clearly marked Health Canada Drug Identification Number (DIN), as this is how HC approves products for sale in Canada. You can always cross reference that number to ensure that it is also on the Health Canada "List of approved products for Covid Control". And even better if the product is also registered with The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for use as a sanitizer in food manufacturing. The Ideal product should be easy to use, and safe enough that if misused, no one would be injured or hurt in the application.

If you are looking for hospital grade disinfectant products or sanitizers, RJ Chemicals can help. We offer medical sanitizers, hospital grade disinfectants and over 250 cleaning products, so you can rely on our products for all of your cleaning needs. Whether you need a food manufacturing disinfectant or cleaner, a janitorial product, nursing home disinfectant or deodorizer, industrial degreaser, grow room disinfectant or a greenhouse cleaner, we can help, so contact us today to learn more about our products!

And BY THE WAY... We also carry the IDEAL Disinfectant. Just ask us!