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RJ Chemicals

Safety, Efficacy, & Service


We deliver Superior Safety, Efficacy, & Service.

Generally we can save our customers between 20-40%.

Streamlined production and service make this possible.

Ask us about our innovative solutions.

Working with industry leaders in various markets, we have sourced, and developed some truly unique cleaning & disinfectant products that have not only saved our customers money, but also, their valuable time.


Western Canada: 403-620-3796

Central Canada: 855-458-0888 ext. 201

Our Services

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With over 250 products in our lineup, 1000 formulations, and 30+ years in manufacturing, R J Chemicals and its manufacturing partners can get you pretty much ANY product that you need. Whether you are looking for food grade cleaning products, greenhouse cleaners, grow room disinfectants, hospital cleaning products or medical sanitizers, we have it all. From the auto industry to airports, to janitorial and food or agricultural. And we can custom blend to ensure that our product works exactly the way you want it to, EACH AND EVERY TIME.  


From the moment our customers meet us, they know something is different. We listen.

We want to make absolutely sure that you get "The Right Stuff" for your cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing needs. We want to become your one-stop shop for all cleaning products, like greenhouse disinfectants, hospital grade disinfectants, sanitizer products and more. So, if you don't see it on our site, that is only because there isn't a site big enough to cover everything that we do for our customers.


We consult on ALL matters to do with cleaning and sanitizing. With our network of professionals, we have solved countless customer issues, and saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Give us a problem that you haven't been able to nail down, and put us to the test.


Western Canada: 403-620-3796

Central Canada: 855-458-0888 Ext. 201

RJ Chemicals Innovative thinking

Our founder has developed hundreds of proprietary formulations over the years for customer-specific applications, and has acquired exclusive distribution rights to patented or proprietary technology with some truly incredible cross-functional applications. The products below are some of our "best and brightest", "next generation" options for safe, effective, simple cleaning and sanitation -- and they won't break the bank.

GR 1000

A pH neutral, non-flammable, bio-degradable, all-natural, VOC friendly SOLVENT. Truly unique and fast acting. This product can be used in any application where volatile solvents are currently being applied.

GR 1000 Flyer 2018 05 product news.pdf

Ace Complete

An all natural acid de-scaler that is excellent on coils, or any equipment where mineral/rust buildup is a concern. Does not harm surfaces, and is biodegradable.

Data Sheet ACE COMPLETE.pdf


(Authorized for sale by Health Canada & CFIA Approved)

The Gold Standard in Electro - Chemically Activated (ECA) sanitizers. HOCL is noted in literature to be up to 100X more effective than bleach. Kills bacteria, mold, and viruses. 

But the real benefit of this product is that it is safe to handle. NO PPE REQUIRED. 


(CFIA Approved)

A proprietary probiotic blend, unlike "enzymes". Ideal for environmental pathogen control and elimination, in all situations, whether it be a Food manufacturer, a restaurant, or a nursing home or hospital. Ideal for use in ALL odour control, and drain maintenance situations. The product can be used on all surfaces not affected by water, and is excellent in eliminating the need for costly drain cleaning.

Multizyme information.pdf

Muti Zyme bio augmentation.pdf

MULTIZYME - Why it works.pdf